Hello, my name’s Annie and I’m a freelance writer and journalist.

I’ve worked remotely for over a year. But, after a while of sitting my desk at home I realised, “I could be doing this anywhere!” So, my boyfriend and I gave up our flat, packed our bags and set off for a life on the road living as “digital nomads.”

I began my writing career at the Daily Express, where I worked as an online showbiz reporter. While there, I was paid to keep up with all the celeb gossip, watch reality TV and write about red carpet fashion. I attended a number of swanky events and interviewed some of the biggest names on the box.

While doing my part for pop culture, I also freelanced for DASH Magazine, DEFIANT Magazine and Disorder Magazine where I put my degree from the University of the Arts in London to good use, writing about fashion, culture, and design.

Over the years, I developed a passion for travel. However, I’ve never combined my love of adventure with my talent for writing until now. So, this is a place for me to experiment with travel writing on the side, while still working for my wonderful freelance clients full-time.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at: annieroseprice@hotmail.co.uk