Hello, my name’s Annie and I’m a freelance writer.

I’ve worked remotely for almost three years now, and for two of them I’ve been living the digital nomad lifestyle; travelling the world with just a bag and my boyfriend, earning a living on our laptops as we go.

I began my writing career at the Daily Express, where I worked as an online showbiz reporter. That was a pretty cushy job as far as I was concerned; I was paid to keep up with celebrity gossip, watch reality TV, and write about red carpet fashion. I was also lucky enough to attend a number of swanky events and interview some of the biggest names on the box.

While doing my part for pop culture, I also freelanced for DASH Magazine, DEFIANT Magazine and Disorder Magazine where I put my degree from the University of the Arts in London to good use, writing about fashion, culture, and design.

Nowadays, I work for a range of publications and businesses providing content and dipping a toe in the digital marketing world. But my real passion is for travel.

As of yet, I haven’t combined by day job with my hobby, and travel writing is currently something I do just for myself, my family and friends, as well as anyone else who might be interested in reading about my adventures!