Where to eat and drink in Kotor Old Town, Montenegro

I really wasn’t planning to write a whole blog post about eating out in Kotor. But, when I started writing my main Montenegro story I realised we’d been treated to loads of great food. So much so, I decided to do this stand alone piece. So, without any further ado, let me introduce my recommended eats in Kotor.

Caffe Ombre (left)

A little place called Ombra was one of our favourite restaurants. Situated on a small square opposite the Cat Museum, this restaurant serves down-to-earth dishes at decent prices. I chose to feast on the vegetarian pizza and wash it down with cold beer.

Image: Instagram/midnight mystique

For a more middle-range option, there’s the Old Winery. This restaurant sits on one of Kotor’s most cosmopolitan alleyways. It serves a range of Mediterranean dishes to the sound of a live pianist. And, if the name didn’t give it away, the venue boasts an extensive wine list with varieties from all over Europe.

Hotel Astoria

On one of the old town’s most picturesque Venetian squares is the Hotel Astoria. Diners can sit inside or out and the atmosphere is upmarket but relaxed. This beautiful setting is ideal for a refreshing cocktail or a bite to eat from the extensive menu.

Galion Restaurant

Kotor’s fanciest eatery is without a doubt Galion. The night we visited, we sat alongside one party that had just parked their super yacht in the marina and were gasping for some fine food. As vegetarians, this dining experience was all about the setting. The menu is built around fresh fish and seafood, but the view from the foot of the bay was more than enough to make up for our not-so-thrilling risotto.

Image: Instagram/Ammar Sallam

However, if we’re really being honest here, our out-and-out winner of the gastronomy scene in Kotor was Pronto Pizza. Yes, it was a takeaway pizza joint but completely delectable nonetheless. Besides, what can be better than pizza to line the stomach for a night on the Niksicko (Montenegro’s go-to lager offering)?

Here it would be rude not to mention, at least in passing, some of the establishments that quenched our thirst over the course of the fortnight. So, in no particular order, here’s to our favourites: Bandiera, Evergreen, Café Pepper and Letrika.

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