Autumn at Otley Chevin, Leeds.

Located just 10 miles north-west of Leeds City Centre lies Otley Chevin. However, when we visited in autumn, it felt like a million miles away. The forest boasted a warming palate of orange, yellows and browns. And, just like when Dorothy first entered Oz, the forest seemed to transport us from black and white into technicolour.

I visited Otley Chevin in mid-October with three friends. We’d planned the Sunday afternoon outing on a night out 12 hours prior. And, I think it’s fair to say, we would have all happily sacked the plan off when we awoke. However, thanks to the guilt we felt for our livers, we decided to push through.

To summarise, Otley Chevin is basically is a forest park located on the edge of a cliff. At a height of 280m above sea level, the rocky outcrop enjoys a glorious panorama of the Wharfe Valley. The park is a recognised a nature reserve thanks to the wealth of wildlife and plant life that call it home.

Although we hadn’t been keen on the idea of the walk following our drunken exploits, it proved to be just the tonic we needed. The breathtaking views, vibrant colours, fresh autumn air and plethora of dogs were just what we needed to combat the hangover blues.

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