Postcards from: The Archipelago of Gothenburg

Gothenburg; Sweden’s second largest city, birthplace of the lovely Jens Lekman and, for a while, home to my friend Tom.

We visited GTB back in September 2017. It was a fleeting visit, crammed between a month-long housesit in Manchester and four weeks of “digital-nomading” in Portugal. (Which you can read about here, here and here.)

Despite the wonderful time we had in the city, I never quite got round to writing about Gothenburg. And to tell you the truth, I’ve been feeling quite bad about it. Not least of all because we genuinely had such a good time sampling the local scene and hanging out with our friend. The problem was, we had such a nice time, that my camera often remained tucked in my bag. Moreover, the names of the places we visited alluded me as we skipped merrily between sights, saunas, pubs, cafes, and back to the pub again.

In truth, the only photographs I took that are worthy of sharing are of Gothenburg’s beautiful archipelago. But thankfully, the charming cluster of islands is one of the city’s best sights.

With that in mind, I’ve fashioned this post into more of a photography piece – to simply share a few snaps shots of what was a beautiful day. I hope you enjoy them!

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