The Top Nine Instagram Spots in Mainz, Germany, That Will Convince Your Followers You’re Living in a Real Life Fairytale

With its winding cobbled streets and half-timbered houses, Mainz looks fresh from the pages of your favourite fairytale.

As a result, it’s not exactly hard to find picture-perfect locations for your Instagram feed. In fact, I found myself whipping out my camera at practically every turn when we visited the city on a day trip from Frankfurt. That said, there’s no denying that some vistas are more beguiling than others.

So, if you want to fine-tune your Instagram game, here are the top nine sights I’d recommend seeking out Mainz.

  1. St. Martin’s Cathedral

The spectacular St. Martin’s Cathedral was founded more than 1,000 years ago when it was modelled on St. Peter’s in Rome. Since then, the awe-inspiring building has undergone a number of reconstructions resulting in a patchwork of styles including Gothic and Baroque.

The church is enormous in stature, so you may have to get creative with your angles. And don’t forget to peek inside, because the interior is as impressive as outside.

2. Kirschgarten

Lying in the heart of Mainz’s old town, the Kirschgarten is a square lined with half-timbered houses. The location has its origins in the 14th century and once belonged to the cathedral. However, today it can be enjoyed by everyone who visits the city and plenty more on Insta.

3. Gutenberg Museum

The Gutenberg Museum celebrates Mainz’s most famous son – Johannes Gutenberg. He is the man responsible for inventing the movable-type printing press in 1440.

The beautiful building which houses the museum was formerly known as Zum Marienberg – or House of the Roman Emperor – and was built in the late 1600s, hence its opulent Renaissance facade.

Unfortunately, the building burnt down during the Second World War. Consequently, the structure we see today dates only from the 1960s. But that doesn’t make it any less pretty.

4. St. Peter’s Church

If anyone follows me on Instagram (and you totally should) you will know that I have a penchant for pink and love for churches. As a result, when I found a place that combined these two passions – namely St. Peter’s – I was pretty excited. So much so, that I forgot to take a looking inside the blush-coloured building. Needless to say, the interior is breathtaking, so don’t make the same mistake as me!

5. Schillerplatz

Schillerplatz is one of the most impressive public squares in Mainz and is home to a series of Baroque and Rococo buildings. This pink and cream beauty is one of them. I have no idea what exactly its function is, or its history, but I can tell you that it’s amazingly pleasing to look at.

6. Markt

As its name suggests, Markt is old Mainz’s principle market square. Flanked by the cathedral on one side and a line of traditional-style buildings (all replicas, unfortunately) on the other, it’s a lovely place to stop, soak up the scenery and take a few snaps.

7. Grebenstaße

This quiet yet colourful street runs behind the cathedral and leads onto Augustinerstraße (more on that later). The narrow cobbled alleyway provides the perfect Instagram spot and draws the eye towards a quirky pink house at the end of the road.

8. Augustinerstraße

Augustinerstraße is probably the main pedestrian thoroughfare through Mainz Old Town, and coincidently is the ideal place for a stroll. Located in direct proximity to the Cathedral, Grebenstaße, and Kirschgarten, the street boasts a number of attractive buildings, each as charming as the last.

9. Weinhaus Zum Spiegel

At the northern end of Augustinerstraße, you’ll find Weinhaus Zum Spiegel. While a quick Google reveals the location is a fairly well-rated German restaurant, as vegans, we didn’t visit for the schnitzel or the wieners. Instead, we simply admired the eatery’s traditional frontage, which sits perfectly in front of St. Martin’s. With that in mind, by making a photography stop here, you can bag two Mainz landmarks for the price of one.

If you’ve been to Mainz, let me know your favourite spots in the comments below. Alternatively, if you’re planning a trip there, feel free to ask me any questions – Instagram related or not.

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