The 15 Most Unmissable Sights in Tallinn, Estonia

Falling in love with Tallinn is pretty easy. Boasting one of the best preserved medieval city centres in Europe, its old town has bags of fairytale charm. However, since breaking free from the Soviet Union in 1991 the Estonian capital has garnered some cultural clout. And it’s this mix of old and new that makes the city so special.

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VIDEO: The Best of the Baltics

If you’ve read any of my posts about Tallinn, Helsinki, Riga or Vilnius, you’ll know that my boyfriend and I spent our summer on the Baltic Sea.

And, although the area in the North East of Europe won’t be replacing the likes of Spain or Portugal as an archetypal summer location any time soon, what we found their left us pleasantly surprised.

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Where to drink in Riga: All the best bars from hipster pubs to rooftop terraces

Thanks to an influx of travellers from all over Europe, Riga Old Town caters to all kinds of drinking habits. However, if you prefer a more local take on boozing, you should probably leave the heart of the city behind. But, if you’re not sure where to begin – don’t worry! Here, I’ve mapped the best drinking holes all over town, so now you don’t have to.

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